V360 launches 360 video editing app for Android

Last month we wrote about the launch of Collect, an app that brings 360 video editing to Android devices. Now Android users have one more option to create 360 videos on the fly. On March 28, V360 (previously in beta) launched a full, updated version of its app on the Google Play store.

V360: bridging the gap to your smartphone

The app allows users to combine several 360 video clips together, making it an ideal companion for consumer-quality 360 cameras like the Samsung Gear, Ricoh Theta and Nikon Keymission, among others.

V360 also offers the ability to reorganize clips, trim them and duplicate videos. Users can also add music from the app’s library or their own, without stripping the sound from the main video. And, what would an app be if it didn’t at least offer filters?

V360 MoJo on the go?

With most consumer cameras pairing to a smartphone, V360 — which allows users to export videos in up to 4K — can be helpful for short, simple videos that need to be put together on the go. Simply export to camera roll and share on social networks directly from your Android device.

And, unlike editing 360 videos using tools created for fixed frame video, V360 doesn’t strip 360 metadata from your videos, cutting out another step between capturing your clips and sharing them with your audience.

360° video editing goes mobile

Prior to the launch of apps like Collect and V360, most editing had to be done by computer. Although basic editing of 360 video on a smartphone leaves much to be desired —regardless of which app you use— beginning with the basics of simply combining clips is a step in the right direction.

The free app is available now on the Google Play store. Unfortunately, as with the Collect app, iPhone users will have to wait for a 360 video editing app, but can sign up here to be notified when an iOS version of the app becomes available.

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