P+S Technik mobile LensChecker

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In the past if you have ever wanted to check and evaluate lenses you needed to send them off to a fully equipped optics service department. Now P+S Technik have come up with a mobile solution, that takes the ability to test and analyse technical parameters and make lens adjustments out of an optical service centre, and onto location.

The mobile LensChecker can be used in rental houses or taken out on location on major productions where a first ACs with the correct knowledge can make adjustments and check lenses in the field.

Interchangeable Mount System (PS-IMS)
Integrated bubble level
Desktop setup with adjustable feet and vacuum suction mount for precise positioning
Field setup on a tripod using standard bridge plate and 19 mm rods
12 Volt powered
Weight: approx. 3.5 kg without transport case

The mobile LensChecker can perform a variety of tests including focus breathing, chromatic aberration, and geometric distortion. For calibrating a lens correctly, it also allows you to check back focus and make sure the optical assembly is aligned correctly.

Image circle – sensor coverage of the lens is visible in projection up to Full Frame
Optical performance of lens – axis and off-axis
Geometric distortion
Chromatic aberrations
Breathing (image size change while focusing)
Back focus (fixed reticle)
Focus marks
Alignment of optical assembly, spherical and anamorphic
For zoom lenses:
Center tracking
Zoom curve – back focus while zooming

The mobile LensChecker can evaluate cine, stills and vintage lenses, up to the full frame format (Image Circle).

Currently available lens mounts:
Arri PL, BNC-R, B4, C-mount, Canon EF, Canon FD, Leica M, Leica R, Nikon F, Panavision.

At 6000,00 € excluding 19 % VAT, this is not something the average shooter is going to purchase and keep at home. For larger productions the ability to have one of these on location could prove to be very valuable. First ACs trained to use the equipment could make adjustments on location without having to send a lens back to a rental house in the event of a problem.

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