Zhiyun Smooth Q smartphone gimbal

Zhiyun have announced a new smartphone gimbal called the Smooth Q. The Smooth Q has a claimed 12-hour runtime and will work with most smart phones including the iPhone 7 Plus with third party lens add-ons.

The Zhiyun Smooth Q on the left and the DJi Osmo Mobile on the right

The company claims that the Smooth Q has a torque range that is twice as as much as that of the competing DJI Osmo Mobile.

Zhiyun also claim that the the Smooth Q is very easy to use and operate, making it a good gimbal for beginners. By using the free ZY Play App offers full control of the gimbal and allows you to enter modes such as object tracking.

Key features:
1. Easily switch to vertical shooting mode
2. 5th generation Honeycomb processor makes the gimbal more powerful. Torque Range is 40% wider (two times wider than DJI Osmo mobile) and response rate is 30% faster than before. This permits multiple accessories on the phone such as fish eye lens, microphone, etc. It also works well without counter mass for iphone 7 plus.
3. 12 hours operating time with a built-in battery
4. Charging mobile while shooting via the USB port

Powerful App:
1. Following faces as well as objects automatically under locking mode
2. Supporting panorama mode and time-lapse mode by connecting to the APP
3. Quick focus adjustment.
4. In the near future it will support video edition, filter, and a sharing platform for YouTube and Facebook

For those fashion conscious users the Smooth Q will be available in classic black, gold, rose gold and space grey.

I have been impressed by the Zhiyun gimbals that I have tested in the past, particularly the Crane (you can see that review here). Hopefully we can get hold of the Smooth Q as it would be interesting to see how it performs head-to-head against the DJI Osmo Mobile.

The final price will be released on March 15th, but Zhiyun claim it will be less than $150US.

For more information go to their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ZhiyunGlobal/

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