Collect app brings 360 video editing to Android

Keymissions and Instas and Thetas, oh my! There are literally dozens of affordable, autostitching camera options out there right now that are making 360 on the go a reality.

Until recently, the ability to pair these devices with your smartphone meant little more than the ability to adjust your camera’s settings, preview your shots and remotely record. Although all the cameras’ apps come with a handful of editing tools (usually select playback view, trim and filters), there hasn’t been an easy way to combine multiple clips into one video on your phone, on the go—yet.

With Collect, a free 360 video editing app, users can skip the computer and edit 360 videos directly from their Android devices (iOS TBD).

The app allows users to combine, trim and rearrange multiple 360 clips into one video, as well as add filters and effects, including speed adjustment.

It even supports videos with resolutions up to 4K, depending on the user’s phone, and there’s no maximum video length, beyond your phone’s storage space.

The app also allows users to reset the 360 center to select the first direction the viewer will look for each clip, select music for their video from the app’s royalty-free music library, and share directly to YouTube and Facebook—all within a very user-friendly interface.

The makers also have plans to offer customized watermarks in a future update.

The app, currently in Beta, has between 100 and 500 installs on the Google Play store, and a rating of 4.8. Apple users can sign up here to stay tuned about the app’s iOS release.

For more information, visit the Collect website.

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