Panasonic GH5 with Letus Helix Jr single axis and Steadicam Aero allows new levels of stabilisation

At the BSC Expo I assembled the parts for a new rig combination that has the potential to get shots previously only possible with much larger and more expensive equipment. It comprises the new Steadicam Aero 30, the Letus Jr. 1-Axis Helix brushless gimbal and Panasonic’s new GH5.

The Steadicam Aero is designed to take medium sized camera packages

The setup is made possible by using a smaller camera like the GH5 or Sony a7R II and a7S II. It has the advantages of Steadicam’s precise control and stabilisation, with the self levelling capabilites of the Letus Helix Jr. It is worth noting that the Letus 1-axis Helix Jr. in the video was not calibrated for the GH5 and was pretty much just stuck on the Steadicam at my request. What you see in the video is not indicative of the actual performance of the gimbal, its just to give you an idea of what it is capable of.

The 1-Axis Letus Helix Jr. is designed for smaller cameras

For many shooters this new kind of setup may prove to be a useful alternative, or addition to a brushless gimbal, especially smaller and lighter camera packages are possible. If I had to spend all day shooting stabilised footage I would certainly consider something like this instead of a regular gimbal setup.

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