BSC Expo 2017: Cooke announce uncoated front element for S4 and S4i lenses

The Cooke Look is very much in vogue at the moment, and at the BSC Expo in London last weekend the company were showing off a new option for their S4 and S4i lenses.

Look ma, no coatings

A new uncoated front element has gone into production that will enable cinematographers to add a little, well, flare, to their images. The distinctive vintage feel can be retrofitted to S4 and S4i lenses, although the company recommend you entrust the work to a lens technician rather than take on the job yourself while on location.

The uncoated S4i on display

The new front elements are going to be available shortly as an optional extra only – an uncoated set of lenses won’t be available to buy as the coatings play a role in focus calibration. But as an option for rental houses who already own the lenses, you’re gaining a whole different set of looks for a fraction of the cost of a new set of Cookes.

One for the rental houses

If you’re in the fortunate position of owning a set of Cookes you’d like to give a vintage makeover too, you can pre-order your new front elements now for delivery in mid-late March. No word on price, but as they say: if you’ve got to ask…

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