Pilotfly C45 brushless gimbal gives RX100 owners a clear view of their LCD

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Pilotfly have been teasing a new brushless gimbal with a unique design. The C45 is made specially for premium compact cameras like the Sony RX100 V. It supports the camera in a way which allows for a virtually unobstructed view of the LCD screen. This is thanks to a design that places the roll axis motor at a 45 degree angle to the camera, rather than directly behind it. When the C45 is combined with the amazing autofocus performance and image quality of cameras like the RX100 V, it could prove to be a really useful tool for real world shooters.

The Pilotfly C45

The C45 can carry a payload of up to 800g. It is smaller than the company’s H2 gimbal and it isn’t suitable for DSLRs or heavier mirrorless setups. I suspect that it may be possible to use something like an a6500 with a pancake lens, but I can’t be sure without testing. Setup is said to be tool-less.

It has a 4-way joystick for control and it will have 5 pre-configured modes of operation. Remote control of the gimbal will be possible via Bluetooth using the Pilotfly RM-1 controller. Apps for both iOS and Android are under development.

The C45 will come with a handy case

The price of the gimbal is anticipated to be below 500 Euros but there is no firm release date yet. Expect to see in on display at the NAB show in April. For more details keep an eye on the Pilotfly website.

If you can understand Japanese then there is also an unboxing video on Youtube from Videochannel:

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