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Jessica Jones and Luke Cage DP Manuel Billeter talks to the Go Creative Show

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Comic book television shows have been extremely popular with viewers, and on the latest Go Creative Show episode, host Ben Concoli speaks to Manuel Billeter. Manuel is the cinematographer of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and the upcoming Iron Fist, and he discusses his techniques for bringing these characters to life. Manuel also talks about his lighting, camera, and lensing choices and even gives a little sneak peek into the upcoming Defenders.

Above you can listen to the episode

Topics Covered:
The benefits of a formal film education
The rise of comic book television shows on Netflix
Why shooting a show for Netflix is “liberating”
Shooting night exteriors on Jessica Jones
How 1970’s blaxploitation films inspired Luke Cage
Using Cineo LED lights
Manuel’s love of wide lenses for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage
How to shoot and light hero characters
A sneak peak at Defenders?

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