Interbee 2016: Technical Farm modular quick release mount solution for large on set monitors

At the Interbee show in Tokyo, Japanese bespoke accessory experts Technical Farm were showcasing a a new modular quick release mount solution for large on-set monitors.


The system consists of an anodized adjustable arm that is compatible with most light stands, a quick release bracket and a plate that screws onto the standard VESA monitor mounting points.  There is also an optional V-lock battery plate that mounts either directly to the back of the monitor, or to a dedicated bracket on the mount. A nice touch is that the V-lock bracket also has a carry handle on top of it. The system is very versatile and you can take it off a stand and go handheld in less than 30 seconds.


The setup seems very durable and, like all Technical Farm products, it is hand made in very limited numbers. The quick release mechanisms are built with safety in mind – even if the monitor isn’t locked down fully there is little chance it can come off.


At around $850 US (and an extra $260 US for the V-lock battery plate and adapter) it certainly isn’t cheap, but if you are using a fancy new HDR monitor you can probably justify the price.

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