Watch frightening examples of the GoPro Karma drone falling out of the sky

The other day we brought you an article about GoPro issuing a total recall on all Karma drones. Based on what you can see in the online videos here that show power losses during flight, it is safe to assume that the problem is indeed very real.

Although GoPro claims that there have so far been no reported injuries or property damage, it is still pretty scary to see a drone falling unexpectedly to earth. In the clip below you can see the operator is flying over a beach where there are plenty of people walking around. It is just luck that the drone didn’t hit anyone when it fell out of the air.

What is interesting to see in all of the videos is that the Karma seems to lose power when it is hovering, or not moving very fast. Hopefully GoPro rectifies this problem quickly and if you already have a Karma we strongly urge you to send it back in for a full refund.

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