PhotoPlus Expo 2016: Sigma talk cine zoom pricing and confirm PL version will not come this year

We already had the news this week of Sigma’s pricing for the 18-35mm T2 and 50-100 T2 Super35 Cine lenses. Both lenses are going to be priced at $3999 US each.

At the PhotoPlus Expo, Newsshooter’s Chuck Fadely had a chance to question Sigma in more detail about the fine details of the release. As we also reported, only the EF and Sony E-mount versions will be available at launch in December. In the interview Chuck is told that the PL version probably won’t be available until Spring 2017. Sigma explained that you will be able to change the mount between the different fits, but that they do have to be returned to Sigma to do this.

Sigma's Shinji Yamaki shows the new cine lenses
Sigma’s Shinji Yamaki shows the new cine lenses

The Sigma representative also reaffirmed that the most of the cine lenses will have a front filter thread of 82mm, but that the 85mm prime will have an 86mm, and the 20mm will not have a thread because of its bulbous front element.

The 20mm Sigma cine lens has no filter thread
The 20mm Sigma cine lens has no filter thread

We already knew that the Canon mount version will have electronic contacts, but another interesting specification that Sigma confirmed is that the Sony-E mount version will also have electronic contacts for communication of distance and iris info to suitable cameras. This may actually be a significant reason to go with the native E-mount version instead of an adapted EF or PL mount lens.

There is still no date on the full-frame 24-35 T2.2 lens, but Sigma again confirmed that this lens will be not be available in PL mount due to the size of the rear element.

Even though the lenses were publicly on display at the show, we were still not able to make any test shots yet. Sadly we will have to wait a while longer or that.

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