Photokina 2016: Pilotfly show new larger T1 gimbal and prototype battery mounting base

At Photokina Pilotfly were showing their new T1 brushless gimbal. This is a new two handed design that is similar to their current H2 gimbal, but with the addition of greater clearance between the camera and frame, as well as the ability to add rods for focus motors. This gives it a larger range of motion when using bigger DSLR setups with accessories attached. The T1 can also be used single handed if you buy the optional handgrip.

Also new was a prototype battery base that allows the H2 and T1 to be mounted to tripods, car rigs, jibs and anything else capable of supporting its weight. To use the base you simply detach the H2 or T1 handles and dock the gimbal into it. The base has an internal rechargeable battery that powers the gimbal. You can then control the movement of the gimbal wirelessly.

The T1 will be available soon and the mounting base is scheduled for early next year.

For more detail keep an eye on the Pilotfly website.

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