IBC 2016: Chicken head? Konova’s 360 gimbal and rig works handheld and in the air

At the IBC show Korean company Konova were showing an impressive NS gimbal designed especially for 360 applications. The gimbal consists of a custom GoPro rig that accepts either 6, 11 or 13 GoPros.

Konova 3

In the centre of the rig is a brushless gimbal system comprising of several motors. The whole setup is then attached to a pole and handgrips for handheld work. The end result is a handheld 360 device that seems to work well. The gimbal itself without camera weighs 1.7kg.


The gimbal can run for two hours on the included battery, but sadly there is no external power system for the GoPros at present. There also appears to be no synchronisation of the GoPros for frame accurate sync.


In addition to being usable handheld you can also attach the gimbal to a drone for aerial work. A remote control can position the camera direction and also the level of the gimbal.

The gimbal rig is available for order now from the Konova website for around $2500 US, the 11 and 13 GoPro versions costing slightly more.

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