Photokina 2016: Canon’s EOS M5 introduces a better way to control autofocus for handheld

Just before the start of Photokina, Canon announced the newest edition to their mirrorless camera lineup, the EOS M5. It might not seem like much on the surface, but it does actually feature some pretty interesting autofocus options, like the ability to use the built-in EVF and move your finger on the back LCD to adjust where the camera is focusing.

Canon EOS M5 Photokina
An example of moving around the autofocus selection while using the EVF.

Featuring a 24MP sensor and built-in stabilization, the camera is aimed at more of a consumer market than similar mirrorless cameras from companies like Sony and Panasonic.

Canon EOS M5 Photokina 4
Using touch focus AF on the EOS M5.

While some of those cameras feature internal 4K recording and log gamma settings, this one has neither. You’re limited to 1080p internally, but if that’s all you need, focusing should be a breeze using the touchscreen.

Canon EOS M5 and Canon 5D Mark IV Photokina
Size comparison between the 5D mkIV and the EOS M5.

The M5 is going to ship in November at a price of $980 US for the body only, $1,100 US with the 15-45mm lens, and $1,480 US with the 18-150mm lens.

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