NAB 2016: Pointer III gimbal from MyResearch.company

At the ShowStoppers event, before the official opening of NAB 2016, Aleksey Zaitsevsky
from the Lithuanian firm MyResearch.company was enthusiastically demonstrating his company’s new gimbal.


Instead of using the more common brushless gimbal motors, it uses servo motors, which they claim are better able to stabilise up to 6kg loads on the gimbal.

The company was showing off its gimbal with a long lens attached and were handing out laser pointers to customers to stick on their own gimbals and compare how steady the gimbal was.

The A separate radio controller can control pan and tilt.

Technical characteristics:
Max load: 15kg
Weight: 6kg
Mass of the rotating unit is only 1.5kg
Max rotation speed to be compensated: 1000deg/sec
Max rotating speed is limited to 100deg/sec
Axial tilt limitation: from -70 to +120 degrees
Lateral tilt limitation: from -40 to +40 degrees
Panoramic rotation limitation: unlimited rotation
Average vibration transfer ratio: 0.002 (1/500)
Absorbable linear oscillations: upto 0.3 m
Max noise level: 53dBA
Max consumption: 80W
Camera weight to counterweight ratio: 2/1 (approximate, recommended)
A battery or a gyrostabiliser or another type of payload is used as a counterweight.

The Pointer III ships in September, priced 3900 Euro (£3093), from f-servo.com/pointer-3.phtml



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