NAB 2016: Sony announces new Super-35mm 4K HFR sports stadium camera along with other broadcast products

SONY HDC 4800 UHFR side

Sony announced some new products here in Las Vegas this afternoon for the broadcast crowd.

A 4k Super-35mm broadcast camera that can shoot at 480 fps.
A 4k Super-35mm broadcast camera that can shoot at 480 fps.


The big one is the HDC-4800 UHFR Super-35mm sports stadium camera that will do 4K at 480 fps. This camera features:

Sony HDC-4800 UHFR camera
Sony HDC-4800 UHFR camera
  • 8x 4K – 480fps 4K!
  • 16x HD – 720 fps 1080 60P
  • 4K s35mm Global Shutter CMOS sensor
  • PL Lens mount for ultimate 4K images
  • Motorised ND/CC filters
  • BT.2020 and BT.709 supported

This monster, which will presumably be priced beyond the reach of mere mortals, is able to be hooked into Sony’s new BPU-4800 server and an IP-based chain.  Sony is focusing its broadcast business on workflow, and is migrating live TV production off SDI chains to fibre/IP-based chains.

PXW-Z450 2/4" 4k camera
PXW-Z450 2/4in 4k camera



Also announced is the PXW-Z450, a new 2/3in 4k shoulder-mount ENG camera, similar to the PXW-X400. It captures 4K (3840 x 2160) from a new 2/3-type Exmor R™ CMOS sensor.


  • 4K 2/3in Single CMOS sensor
  • Native B4 Mount
  • Inherits PXW-X400 functionality
  • Planned to be available late 2016
  • Allows pre-production of 4K segments
  • XAVC recording can be played back by simple PMW-PZ1 player

Like the X400, it has slot-in wireless and IP connectivity.  The PXW-Z450 will be priced between the F5 and the F55 and available in winter of 2016.

Also coming is the PVM-X550, a new 4K  55-inch OLED client monitor.

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