Emulate the messaging graphics used on shows such as Sherlock and House of Cards with XEffects Messages

If you have ever wanted to emulate the messaging graphics used on shows such Sherlock or House of Cards, Industrial Revolution have a new FCPX plugin called XEffects Messages. It is designed to replicate an SMS, iMessage, Facebook or WhatsApp chat.


All elements animate automatically. The push up is directly linked to the adjustable height of the message. Overlays for top and bottom status & icon sets are included. Pre-built colour options are included, along with all of the Google Materials palette. All text, boxes and background can be custom coloured.

The plugin is very straight forward and easy to use and it can certainly ad some fun to certain video projects. Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t contain the sound effects used on messaging apps. These sound effects for the different types of chat can be found online with a Goggle search. Because of copyright, Industrial Revolution cannot sell them.

You can download a free trial or Industrial Revolution have a launch special where you can download the license for $49US – Normal price $99)


– Emulate SMS, iMessage, Facebook and WhatsApp conversations in FCPX.
– Built in colour palettes of each of the message types or choose your own on every item.
– Enter as much text as the page will take. Justification helps keep the layout neat.
– Each message element scrolls the page automatically linked to the height.
– Video & photo messages have preset sizes, but can also be customised to any dimension and ratio.
– Your conversation can be as long as you like, animate each message when you like.
– Top and bottom bar status and icons supplied that adjust the vertical animation automatically.
– Pin sharp results even in 4K timelines.





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