BVE 2016: MTF FZ mount and E-mount for Veydra prime lenses

MTF Services have worked with Veydra to produce adapters that allow the mini primes to be used on E-Mount and FZ-mount cameras. Veydra had previously offered a swappable E-mount, but this didn’t work on the widest focal lengths in the set (12mm and 16mm).

With the advent of centre scan modes on Sony cameras like the FS7 and FS5, MTF’s semi-permanent adapters allow the lenses to be used in a wider variety of situations – and could be especially useful when using the cropped sensor to shoot slow motion. The 25mm and above can also be used in Super35 modes too. MTF’s Mike Tapa suggests that it might also be possible to use the 16mm in Super35 as well, but they are still checking how well this functions.

The mounts are technically user-changeable (though MTF would suggest you let them fiddle with the screws) and cost £50 each, whether as an added extra when you order the lenses through MTF or as a standalone product.

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