Panasonic add wireless remote control to DVX200 via iPad app

AG DVX200PJ camcorder

If you want to mount your DVX200 somewhere more unusual than a tripod then you’re in luck as Panasonic have announced a free app download that will let you control your camera via an iPad.

One of the benefits of the camera’s all-in-one camcorder form factor is that it enables the remote to control picture quality, zoom, focus and REC start/stop from a companion iPad app. iOS7.1, iOS8.1 and iOS9 are all supported on the iPad but iPhones are not. You’ll also need to buy a wireless dongle for the camera (Panasonic make a compatible one and so do ASUS, strangely). Just the ticket for getting your camera more mobile on a jib or a dolly.

Once again it’s great to see manufacturers adding features to products that are already out being used in the field. If you haven’t seen it yet do check out Matt’s multi-part review of the DVX200. He was quite impressed with the hardware although as with any app-based interface the usefulness or otherwise of this particular update is going to stand or fall on the quality of the software.

The Panasonic AG ROP app is available now from the Apple App store.

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