Sony update F5/F55 firmware to v7.01

Sony F5 F55 e13516103982721

Sony have announced the release of new firmware for their F5 and F55 cameras, updating them to v7.01 (having skipped a 7.0 release ‘due to last minute changes’).

The new firmware adds a quick menu to the sub-display on the side of the cameras, simultaneous proxy recording, ITU-R BT.2020 colour space for the F55 in Custom mode, and extends the range for Zebra patterns all the way down to 0% (previously the lower limit was 50%).

The firmware is available to download on the Sony Community site now – as ever it’s nice to see such extended support for new features on cameras that represent a considerable investment for owner/operators.

Changes from the previous firmware from Sony:

Quick menu
Quick Menu has been added for easy changing and checking current status with quick response. When you press the OPTION button on F55 and F5, the Quick Menu is displayed in the sub display. The quick menu deploys up to eight often-used setting items in the six categories (Project/Monitoring/MLUT/Media/Viewfinder/Others).

MPEG2 50Mbps 4:2:2 recording on XAVC 4K or XAVC QFHD in 50P/59.94P
When the recording format is set to XAVC 4K or XAVC QFHD and the system frequency is set to 50P/59.94P, the MPEG2 HD 50Mbps 4:2:2 recording function is newly available.

ITU-R BT.2020 color space in Custom mode (PMW-F55 only)
ITU-R BT.2020 is added to the “Preset Select” setting value in “Matrix” of the Paint menu. ITU-R BT.2020 is available for the output signal of the 4K or QFHD or video recorded on XAVC 4K or XAVC QFHD.
Note: 2K/HD output signal or viewfinder works on Rec.709 when ITU-R BT.2020 selected. And when the playback picture recorded on ITU-R BT.2020 is output via 2K or HD from the F55, the video image does not have correct colors because of playing back Rec. 2020 materials on Rec.709 signal output.

Extended range of zebra pattern
The range of “Zebra1 Level” in the VF menu is extended from “50% to 107%” to “0% to 107%” and that of “Zebra2 Level” is extended from “52% to 109%” to “0% to 109%.” F55 and F5 can show 18% Gray and 90% White output IRE level by zebra pattern on S-Log2 and S-Log3 operations.
(e.g. S-Log3 18% Gray output IRE level: 41%, S-Log3 90% White output IRE level: 61%. S-Log2 18% Gray output IRE level: 32%, S-Log2 90% White output IRE level: 59%)

Improved image quality when User Gamma is used
When you apply the User Gamma created for the HDC series to F55 and F5, picture quality has been improved by adjusting the pedestal level.

Response of the status screen has been improved
The toggling speed of the status screen displayed on the viewfinder and external video monitor has been improved.

Bug Fix
When the remote controller was connected via the remote connector and Scene File was recalled from the controller, Gain setting was not applied. This has been fixed.
Note: Please store scene file in dB mode. If you store scene file in ISO mode, gain setting is not applied from the controller.

In AXS and SxS simultaneous recording mode, sometimes SxS recording kept even if AXS recording had stopped when the connection is not completely secured between F55/F5 and R5. This has been fixed.

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