Interbee 2015: Metal Toys prototype slider

At their booth at Interbee in Japan, Metal Toys were displaying a prototype concept dolly/slider/jib that had a unique design. Not only could it be electronically moved up and down via hydraulics, but it could also be moved manually left and right and forward or backwards all at the same time.

The design allows for some very interesting camera movements, and the device performs the roles of a dolly, slider, jib and studio pedestal all at the same time. It would be interesting to see if Metal Toys take the analogue part of the design and implement it into a smaller more portable package.

I tried out the doll: it was amazingly smooth and easy to use. There is no indication of pricing or availability at the moment as it’s still very much in prototype stage: we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it as it develops at Newsshooter though.

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