Interbee 2015: Azden 2.4Ghz Pro-XD wireless microphone system

At Interbee this year Azden microphones were demonstrating their new Pro-XD digital wireless microphone system. The 2.4Ghz band doesn’t interfere with TV or radio frequencies, and doesn’t need a licence (it’s the same band that WiFi signals operate on).

The transmitter and receiver both have built-in rechargeable batteries that can be topped up via USB. Once fully charged, Azden say the transmitter should last for 11 hours and the receiver for 16 hours. Could this be goodbye to carrying fistfuls of AA batteries ‘just in case’?

The transmitter offers mic and line inputs that can be used independently or simultaneously. Multiple receivers can also be paired to the same transmitter – which would allow for example a multicam shoot to lay down the same audio track on each camera angle, useful for syncing footage up in post.

Azden are also including a cable with the receiver that allows you to connect it to an iPhone or an iPad – sounds like this could be a useful wire to have in your bag to turn your smartphone into a backup sound recorder.

The ProXD is available now, priced at $199 US for a kit that includes a receiver, a transmitter, lapel mic and iPhone connection cable.

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