Redrock Micro add third party iOS developer support to the One Man Crew Director parabolic slider

redrock ios remote app onemancrew

Redrock Micro have announced a updated version of their iOS remote app for the popular One Man Crew Director motorised parabolic slider. The mobile app which I previously reviewed along with the second generation One Man Crew, enables wireless setup and control of the motorized parabolic slider.

Redrock Micro One Man Crew Director Review from Matthew Allard ACS on Vimeo.

The significant addition to the new remote app is the inclusion of an API for developers. Using the API, the One Man Crew Director control can be integrated into third party applications which opens up a world of possibilities. It will be very interesting to see what developers can come up with to further enhance what the One Man Crew can do. Imagine a system where the slider only moves when a certain sound or action happens – this could be great for wildlife filmmakers.

The iOS app is available for immediate download here. According to Redrock Micro, the One Man Crew Directer is the only parabolic motorized slider that adds camera movement without requiring a dedicated operator while keeping the subject in focus and anchored in frame. This feature has already made the One Man Crew Director popular with several news networks. It is useful for interviews, reality television, talking heads and documentary work.

The iOS Remote App for One Man Crew joins the Android version of the Remote App that is also available. For more information you can head over to Redrock Micro.

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