Helix Jr. Aluminum officially launched: A lower priced entry into Letus brushless gimbals + a special offer for Newsshooter readers

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The Letus Helix and Helix Jr. brushless gimbals have won many fans among shooters on the go, including several of Newsshooter’s regular contributors. The clever design that allows the operator to bring the gimbal closer to their body while operating makes it easier to run for longer periods without becoming fatigued. The rotating control handle allows a single operator to accurately point the gimbal without the need for a second operator or joystick (although one is available as an option if you prefer that method of control). Until now, the price for this functionality has been considerably more than gimbals like the DJI Ronin and Ronin-M.

The Letus Helix Jr.
The Letus Helix Jr.

Today Letus officially announced the Helix Jr Aluminum. This is a lower cost version of the existing magnesium Helix Jr. which is perfect for cameras like the GH4 and a7S, but can also carry cameras as larger as a RED Epic. It shares the same design but the use of less expensive aluminium means the price can be kept lower. The trade-off is that the new gimbal does weigh slightly more and the paint finish is more shiny. Performance should be virtually identical to the Magnesium Jr., which you can check out in the video below:

The Helix Jr. Aluminum will have the same Wi-fi and Bluetooth control as the latest higher Helix models. This allows control using the Helix iOS app.

Letus CEO Hien Le was keen to emphasise the lower cost of the Helix Jr Aluminum, saying: “The indie filmmaker community has been supportive of Letus since the beginning. As we strive to innovate, we will always keep them in mind and keep our commitment to serving them with quality gear at affordable prices. The Helix Jr. Aluminum is our way of saying, ‘Thank you for your support.’”

The Letus Helix Jr. folded down for travel
The Letus Helix Jr. folded down for travel

The handheld version of the Helix Jr. Aluminum will start at $1599 US. An aerial version designed to be mounted to drones starts at $1399 US. As a special offer to Newsshooter readers Letus are giving an extra $100 discount if you order a Helix Jr. Aluminium directly from their website before Sunday the 8th of November 2015. Simply enter the code NEWSSHOOTER100 at checkout and the discount will be applied.

For more info and to order visit the Letus website.

This from Letus:

Portland, OR – Due to popular demand, Letus is releasing a new aluminum version of the popular Helix Jr. stabilizer. Until now, the Helix Jr. has only been available in magnesium. While magnesium is lighter than aluminum, costs of the metal and its machining are significantly higher. The much more inexpensive and easier to machine aluminum enable Letus to provide a stabilizer at a price friendly to those looking for economical options. The Helix Jr. – Al shares the same physical design as the award-winning Helix Jr. – Mg and uses the same software. It will come standard with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication included so that user can utilize the Letus Helix iOS app.


Custom CNC machined aluminum frame
Weighs 5.25 lbs (2.4 kg)  in handheld mode (w/o battery)
Weighs 4.65 lbs (2.1 kg) in “fly” mode (w/o battery)
Payload capacity = 10 – 12 lbs (~5 kg)
Includes 2600 mAh lithium ion battery .5 lbs (0.2 kg)
16 in (40 cm) span handle to handle (handheld mode)
Converts between handheld and “fly” mode in less than 3 minutes
Flat bottom design enabling the user to set it down without a stand
No software changes needed between camera swaps / minor weight changes
One Letus JuiceBox and charger is included
Wi-Fi enabled for iOS app utilization

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