IBC 2015: Wasp Lighting Hive plasma PAR light with mechanical dimmer

By associate editor Elliot Smith and Adam Plowden:

Hive Lighting were exhibiting alongside high speed camera company Vision Research at IBC this year, showing off their new Wasp plasma PAR light fixture. Hive are positioning this model as an ideal partner for cameras like Vision Research’s Phantom, as it offers a stable colour temperature and a light output that won’t flicker even at very high frame rates.

Hive Lighting Wasp plasma par light
Hive Lighting Wasp plasma par light

Hive’s Plasma lights offer the output of an HMI with power consumption of a LED. The Wasp has the option for a mechanical dimmer which is actually a physical iris that sits in front of the front face and cuts down the light output. This has the advantage of keeping the light quality constant as it is being dimmed. Many other LED based fixtures exhibit a colour shift when dimmed and the mechanical dimmer avoids this. In addition there is a range of interchangeable discs that allow you to add diffusion or other light modifiers.

There’s a lot to like about the technology and the unit itself seems rugged and well-suited to life on location. New tech doesn’t come cheap though, and the Wasp is available now for around £2,500 / €3,000.

For more details visit the Hive lighting website.

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