IBC 2015: Vocas wooden Lanc handle and self-adjusting follow focus

By associate editor Elliot Smith:

Newsshooter’s technical editor Matt Allard takes a look at two new products from Dutch accessory manufacturer Vocas. Their new wooden handle incorporates a Lanc control and is compatible with Canon C-series cameras and the FS7, A7s and A7R cameras from Sony (they have yet to test it with the FS5 but assume it will work in a similar way to the FS7). The package including lanc control cable will sell for €600.

Vocas also have a prototype self-adjusting double follow focus, which features an arm with adjustable pressure to maintain steady contact with the lens gear. This will be especially useful for use with stills lenses not originally designed for use with a follow focus as it can sometimes be difficult to maintain consistent contact between the gears. The whole follow focus unit is expected to ship at the end of the year for a price of €1,800.

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