Video: HDVideoshop run through Kinefinity KineMAX 6K camera options

By site editor Dan Chung:

At NAB this year many people seemed to think that the Kinefinity KineMAX camera would be vapourware. While mainstream makers concentrated on 4K the KineMAX offered a whopping 6K of resolution.The Chinese manufacturers have now confounded the doubters and you can now order camera. European distributor HDVideoshop in Berlin have the camera in hand and have put together a useful video to run through the various options for it. One of the most interesting options is the focal length reducing optical adapter that the company offers.


One potential issue that customers may face is a non-standard video output for monitoring. Certain EVF and monitors may not sync at present. According to the video one good bit of news is that Zacuto are working on a fix for their popular Gratical EVF. Hopefully more manufacturers will follow suit.

Below is our video on the camera from NAB earlier in the year:

We look at the Kinifinity Kinemax 6K camera.

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