Go Creative Show talks to DP David Burr ACS about filming Mad Max: Fury Road

By technical editor Matt Allard:


On this week’s Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli discusses the brilliant cinematography of Mad Max: Fury Road with second unit Director of Photography David Burr ACS. David offers a behind the scenes insight into all of the incredible challenges and innovations used on the film. David has previously worked on films such as San Andreas, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and the Australian classic Gallipoli.

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This from The Go Creative Show:
David Burr’s cinematography career spans over 30 years with countless feature and short films, but today he’s here to discuss his recent mega-blockbuster hit Mad Max: Fury Road. As the second unit Director of Photography, David was responsible for many of the stunning action sequences and we discuss all the behind the scenes secrets that made this film an instant classic. Then we discuss the role of a second unit Director of Photography. What are their responsibilities, how do they interact with the director and cast, and how you can break into this field.

Topics Covered:
The switch from 3D to 2D
Using Alexa cameras
The challenges of shooting in the desert
Using Canon 5DII and Olypus OM-D for crash cams
How a leaf blower became their essential tool
A crane dug into the sand was the key to one of the most iconic shots
The strategy behind center framing and super fast cuts
Shooting day for night
The responsibilities of a second unit on a film production
and more…

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