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NAB 2015: Film Power Nebula gimbals and support Arm

By Newsshooter.com contributor Elliot Smith

Film Power’s Nebula 5200 brushless gimbal has pan/tilt, follow and semi-lock modes and is controllable via R/C or Bluetooth. It can carry 13lbs of weight and sells for $1900.

[vimeo 125071262 w=640&h=360]


The Nebula Arm takes the weight of a gimbal rig and disperses it down your body to rest on your hips. Supporting the gimbal like this via a tubular bungee also means you can let go of it without having to put it back in a cradle or on the floor. The Arm also features tapped mounting holes for adding accessories such as boom mics and camera lights. It attaches to Film Power brushless gimbals and is available for $799.

For flying smaller cameras the Nebula 4000 Lite supports up to 2.5lbs (roughly up to a GH4-sized camera). It has follow, semi-lock and locked modes and can be inverted to get stable low-angle shots. It has an integrated rechargeable battery, is Mac and Windows compatible and is available now for $749.

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