NAB 2015: Aputure DEC lens adapter with remote focus and aperture

By Contributing Editor Chuck Fadely

A company called Aputure (yes, that’s how it is spelled,) is showing their DEC  EF to E-mount lens adapter, which has remote focus and aperture control. They’re also going to offer a Micro 4/3 mount adapter.  The adapter electronically controls Canon EF lenses independently of the camera body.

The adapter can rack focus from pre-set points or use a rocker to control it on the remote.  The remote, which they say will work up to 100 meters, is designed along the lines of a tripod handle.  Focus pulling is smooth. Changing aperture looked relatively smooth as well, when compared to changing aperture with other smart adapters using the camera body controls. (No getting around that Canon lenses change aperture in steps.)

A box that houses the battery and electronics extends below the lens and serves as a tripod mount, which may give problems with some rigs.  A small lcd readout on the adapter gives you info on what it is doing.  Power comes from a built-in battery or via USB.

There are no optics in the adapter.  They’re expected to ship in May 2015 for $389.

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