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Is it a gimbal? is it a Steadicam? no its SteadXP – amazing sensor and software based stabilisation shown working with Panasonic GH4

By site editor Dan Chung and Simon Glass:

SteadXP impressed us last year with their prototype video stabilisation system for GoPro which comprised a small sensor box and some very clever post processing software. The sample footage showed images that you might think were created using a gimbal or Steadicam – but in fact were done with a handheld camera.

To do this SteadXP requires highly complex software that uses the sensor information to construct intermediate frames that don’t actually exist. A signal is fed from the receiver into the mic input of compatible cameras to keep the sensor info and footage synchronised.

The new SteadXP box shown on a GH4
The new SteadXP box shown on a GH4

Fast forward to this week and developer Adrien Farrugia contacted us to say that he has a new SteadXP box that works with larger cameras. He has published stabilised footage showing a downhill skier filmed with a handheld Panasonic GH4 and Samyang 7.5mm in 4K UHD. The final image is outputted in HD. The results are certainly impressive.

As well the development of a new version of the video stabilization software there is also a new reframing feature added. Therefore it is now possible to control with precision the final trajectory of your stabilized output.

Farrugia explains: “this new function permits you to insert keyframes interactively and preview the result directly. It’s not entirely automatic. There is an advanced function to reframe with precision. In this particular video, the horizon is fixed in the roll axis. Whatever the stabilization quality of your initial shot, you can finally easily reframe and follow your subject on screen with the exact framing”

The blue box in the picture above is compatible with :
All cameras with an AV Out 
All cameras with a HDMI Out – (which is then converted to AV)
All cameras with a Genlock Out – (which gives absolute perfect sync)
All camera with a Genlock In + Genlock box

The new SteadXP is powered by its own Li-ion battery giving a claimed 12 hours use.

The Gopro prototype which we previously saw, has also been updated and is now compatible with the Gopro Hero 3, 3+, and 4.

Farrugia also says they now have a prototype SteadXP system that will work with many different larger 4K cameras.

This technology still seems some way off being available to buy, but it will be interesting to see how the technology develops.

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