BVE 2015: MTF Effect 3 lens adapter with wireless remote focus and iris control for EF lenses

By site editor Dan Chung:

At BVE 2015 in London I caught up with MTF Services owner Mike Tapa. He demonstrated their new Effect 3 lens adapter that allows electronic control of Canon EF lenses. The MTF Effect 3 is available in different mounts- Sony FZ (F3/F5/F55), Sony E (FS700, FS7, a7S etc.), Micro Four Thirds (Panasonic AG-AF101 and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera mFT/Pocket Cinema Camera), C-Mount and AJA Cion. Like the previous version of the Effect you can control the aperture in 1/8th of a stop increments and power the IS (image stabilisation system). What’s new is that the unit is now wireless – allowing you to control the lens without having to be attached to the camera. The other great new feature is you can now also control the focus. This is far more convenient that the previous version and will come in very handy when using the system on a jib or gimbal. Wireless range is said to be around 100ft.

hand held

A receiver box that is powered needs to be attached to the camera. You can choose from either the MTF 4-pin to 4-pin Hirose cable or the MTF 4-pin to DTAP cable for powering options. The control unit has built in batteries that can be charged or you can run it off a d-tap if you so choose. According to Mike the control unit batteries will last you all day.

3:4 view

The kit will comprise the small camera mounted box which the adaptor plugs into, the hand held controller, one of the lens adaptor choices, the charger for the controller, a bracket for rod mounting the controller and a Peli type case.

The estimated price is about £1800 ($2776 US). The MTF Effect 3 kit will hopefully start shipping in May. For more details keep an eye on the MTF service website.

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