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The Sony F55 Shooting at 360fps

By technical editor Matt Allard:

A little known fact is the Sony F55 has been able to shoot 360fps in full HD for quite some time. Now before you get super excited and go looking for it in a hidden menu there is a catch. It is only currently possible using the F55 live system that consists of the CA-4000, BPU-4000 and the SZC-2001. Additionally for recording and playback you will need the PWS-4400 XAVC server.

The CA-4000 optical fibre attachment
The CA-4000 optical fibre attachment

The F55 live system is designed primarily for outside broadcast applications.  By running an optical cable from the CA-4000 into the BPU-4000 baseband processor unit the F55 is able to output a live 4K signal.  This output can then be captured to the PWS-4400 XAVC server for recording or playback.


Below is a behind the scenes video of the F55 live system in use.

If you want to record 360fps on the F55 you better have deep pockets. Below is a list of the individual components that are required to make this work.

SZC-2001 $12,250US

CA-4000 $23,625US

BPU-4000 $26,880US

PSW-4400 XAVC Server $84,562.50

The live system does show that the F55 is capable of capturing 360fps. With the recent release of the new SxS Pro+ C cards it will be interesting to see if 360fps is able to be recorded internally on the F55 in a future firmware release.

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