Inter BEE 2014: Deity Gear show Manga batteries and 15mm rod with battery inside

By Technical Editor Matt Allard:

Deity Gear, best known as makers of a popular C300/500 viewfinder loupe, were showing several new products at Inter BEE in Japan last week. There were two v-lock batteries featuring new lithium manganese technology. We had seen prototypes at other shows but these are now ready for sale.

The Deity Lithium Manganese battery on a Sony F55
The Deity Lithium Manganese battery on a Sony F55

Traditional Lithium-ion technology has been around a while but many struggle to power newer high draw cameras and lights which require a high load capacity. Enter Deity’s manganese based Manga 90 and 170 batteries that provide a continuous load of 12A and support load peaks up to 18A. These kinds of loads of regular Lithium-ion batteries will run the cells down faster and run the risk of damage when discharging. Conventional Lithium-Ion batteries are usually guaranteed for around 300 to 500 cycle charges, the Manga 90 and 170 are guaranteed for 1500 cycle charges.

Also on display were a range of carbon fibre 15mm and 19mm support rods. Made from Korean carbon they are available in a variety of lengths. Deity also had some nice cheese rods that are designed to allow more flexibility and mounting options than a traditional rod support.

Lastly there was a prototype 15mm carbon fibre rod with rechargable battery inside. A mini USB port on either end allows you to charge the battery and then use the 5V output to power items like a wireless transmitter. A D-tap version is also under development.

You can find out more on the Diety gear website.

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