Inter BEE 2014: Canon show 8K capable 19.7-138mm servo zoom lens

By technical editor Matt Allard:

Canon were showing off a prototype 8K 7×19.7N KAS D Cinema servo lens at Inter BEE in Japan last week. Featuring a 19.7 to 138mm focal length range Canon told me it can resolve a 7,630 x 4,320 image and it based on the company’s own theories of optics and design. They say this continually improving lens image quality is possible thanks to the introduction of new technologies and optical materials.

In 2009 Canon succeeded in developing a 10x zoom lens for the Japanese 8K SHV (Super Hi-Vision) system. Now in 2014 Canon has developed this 8K 7x large sensor zoom lens. According to Canon there is no loss of resolution or optical quality across the entire focal length and the lens provides a natural and high quality look.

Japanese broadcaster NHK has been using the 7x 19.7-138mm for their 8K testing. These lenses are not available to the general public and even if they were I’m sure the price would be astronomically expensive.

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