PhotoPlus Expo: Design your own custom foam case inserts with MyCaseBuilder

By Contributing Editor Chuck Fadely

Every once in a while you run across an exhibitor at a show that makes you slap your forehead and go “Wow!” These guys were it at PhotoPlus Expo 2014. MyCaseBuilder.com has online design tools that allow you to custom make 3D cutouts in foam inserts for your equipment cases at reasonable prices.

mycasebuilder foam insert

They have drag-n-drop library shapes for popular equipment and if they don’t already have it, you can photograph your gear and make templates online. They offer both Polyethelene and Polyurethane foam and sell complete cases or inserts only.

As an example of pricing, the foam insert for a Pelican 1510 case is $116.49 with unlimited cutouts. It’s the same price no matter how many cuts you need. The company is in New Jersey and has flat-rate shipping for the United States but also ships globally.

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