PhotoPlus Expo: Sony launches professional service program in U.S.

By Contributing Editor Chuck Fadely:

Sony just launched their Imaging PRO Support Program for the U.S. at PhotoPlus Expo in New York.  This is a service and repair program for professionals using their stills cameras.  Like Canon and Nikon, Sony will now provide expedited repairs, loaner gear, and support for working pros in the U.S.

The invitation-only program costs $100 a year and requires ownership of at least two full-frame bodies and at least three Sony Zeiss or G Series lenses, as well as proof of professional status.

The U.S. pro service program joins previously-announced programs in parts of Asia and will be joined in 2015 by a program in Europe.

You can see the Sony info here:  https://esupport.sony.com/info/1523/US/EN

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