IBC 2014 live panel replay: Top cinematographers Geoff Boyle, Bill Bennett and Rodney Charters talk 4K, High Dynamic range and the craft

By site editor Dan Chung:

What happens when you get three of the world’s top DOPs on a stage together? what are the technological developments that concern them? and where do they see their craft going?

One of the best parts for me of our IBC live show were The series of panel discussions we held on the Teradek stage with top industry figures. I was delighted to bring Geoff Boyle, Bill Bennett and Rodney Charters together for a chance to discuss the pressing issues in their trade.

We talked about high dynamic range shooting, 4K, the craft of lighting and the changes that virtual reality and CG are bringing to the industry. The panel also lamented the lack of training in some elements of the craft,

Of course for factual shooters some of these things are some way off the radar. In a world where many shooters still have their work broadcast or streamed in standard definition it might seem like 4K and high dynamic range TV is a world away. However these things usually come to us all eventually and it was great to hear about all the cutting edge developments.

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