Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q recorder gains compressed 4K recording option

By technical editor Matt Allard:

The Odyssey 7Q recorder on a Sony FS700 - now capable of 4K compressed recording
The Odyssey 7Q recorder on a Sony FS700 – now capable of 4K compressed recording

Convergent Design has long hinted that compressed 4K recording would be coming to the Odyssey7Q and today they announced that they will be adding 4K video recording in Apple ProRes 422 HQ, 4K and Ultra HD video from compatible cameras such as the Sony F55, Panasonic GH4 and Vision Research Phantom Flex4K.

4K ProRes recording capability will be available through a free firmware upgrade due later this month.

The Odyssey7Q already supports 4K RAW output from the Canon C500 and the Sony FS700 via purchasable record options. For owners of these record options, an additional record mode will be added soon for no additional cost. This mode will take the 4K RAW signal from the camera and convert it to ProRes 422 HQ at 4K resolution.

For owners of the Sony FS700 compressed 4K recording offers an easier workflow and more cost effective solution for recording 4K than Sony’s own RAW recorder.  An Odyssey7Q recording at 24P to two 512GB Odyssey SSDs can capture 194 minutes (3:14) of 4K material. This is more than three times the recording capacity of 4K RAW.

The Odyssey7Q now also functions as a 4K waveform and histogram (both with RGB Parade). The Pixel Zoom function allows the 7.7” OLED display to function as a virtual window for accurate focus on an image equivalent to a 24” 4K monitor. The Odyssey7Q also functions as a format converter, transforming the 4K video input into multiple 1080p HD outputs for easy monitoring and video transmission around the set. Many 4K-capable cameras feature Log video recording for greater colour correction range in post. The Odyssey7Q can process these Log signals while applying an appropriate LUT to its OLED panel and video outputs for proper monitoring.

The Odyssey7Q September Firmware Update, with 4K ProRes recording capability, is due later this month.  This firmware release is free for all Odyssey7Q owners

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