Rode announce new and improved smartLav+ for smartphones

By site editor Dan Chung:

The popular Rode smartLav mic for the iPhone and other smartphones has today received an update. Like many shooters I carry the original smartLav as a sort of insurance policy against my wireless systems failing, or when I need to mic up more than two people. Connecting via a TRRS minijack to my iPhone I have used it on several jobs lately. Recording on the phone is handled by the RodeREC app which creates an audio file that I can sync later with my footage using Pluraleyes software.

While the original smartLav is great, the new smartLav plus promises to be even better. The smartLav+ has a higher quality capsule than the original offering far more detail and a lower noise floor. I got to see and hear it on a recent visit to the Rode factory in Sydney and the audio quality that can be achieved using it is impressive.

Pricing and availability has yet to be announced, but I am told it should well priced.

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