CineGear 2014 video: Convergent Design show Odyssey 7 external recorder and talk about Sony FS700/Odyssey 7Q bundles.

Guest post by Nate Weber:

CineGear – Convergent Design Odyssey 7 Available Soon and FS700 & 7Q Bundle Out Now from Nate Weber on Vimeo.

Convergent Design’s Mitch Gross was at CineGear in Los Angeles last weekend showing the long awaited Odyssey 7 external Prores recorder. This is essentially the ‘lite’ version of the currently available 7Q. Launched at the same time as $2295 7Q, the 7 is much cheaper at $1295, but has the same OLED screen and form factor. The trade-off is that there are fewer recording options. Recording is limited to HD and there are no RAW or 4K options – which means it can be sold at the lower price.

Also at the show Sony USA unveiled a kit bundling the popular FS700R with the Odyseey 7Q RAW recorder, SSD drives and Vocas support system. It is interesting to see Sony bundling a third party device like the 7Q, especially given that Sony also make their own R5 RAW recorder and interface module for the FS700R.

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