PICEX Hong Kong: Shriro show iON action cameras

By site editor Dan Chung:

At the PICEX show in Hong Kong last weekend I had the opportunity to check out the iON’s action cameras at the booth of distributor Shriro. GoPro are clearly the best know action camera brand at the moment but the past year has seen several rivals trying to compete with slightly different feaures.

Andy from Shriro explains that the iON Air Pro differentiates itself by being designed to work in tough conditions without a housing. The camera can go to 30ft under water and has an IPX8 rating. The form factor is bullet-like and can be headword in an over-the-ear position. The camera is capable of 1080P HD at 30 fps, but sadly there is no 24 or 25P which may limit its appeal for some. There is an option for wi-fi control and preview on a smartphone or tablet.

For more info check out the Shriro website or http://www.ioncamera.com/

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