Video interview: Vincent Laforet on his upcoming Directing Motion tour – will it be useful for factual shooters?

By site editor Dan Chung:

Newsshooter interview: Vincent Laforet on his upcoming Directing Motion tour from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Vincent Laforet is the best known pioneer of the video DSLR revolution with his early work on the 5D mkII. Once a news photographer for the New York Times, he turned his attention to creating video and is now a director working in LA. The move from stills to shooting video, and now to directing, has taught Laforet many things. One key difference is that great film and video require the mastery of motion – how to move the camera in a dynamic way that helps tell your story and makes it more engaging for the audience.

Laforet believes that these principles apply just as readily to real world shooting as they do to narrative filmmaking and commercials. The way you move the camera around your subjects in a documentary or a news package can add impact and take it to another level.

To help filmmakers and video shooters learn these creative skills, Laforet is embarking on an educational tour through North America. From May 6 to July 13 he will visit 32 venues across the continent, showing how he works as well as analysing the use of motion by other famous cinematographers and directors.

You can get a flavour of what to expect in the workshops from this video:

Directing Motion Sneak Peak – Tour starts May 6 thru July 13, 2014 from Directing Motion on Vimeo.

Knowing Vincent and his commitment and enthusiasm for craft of filmmaking I would recommend this tour to anyone interest in improving their skills. I firmly believe that news and documentary shooters have a lot to learn from our Hollywood brethren and mastering the use of motion is probably the single most useful skill for shooters like myself.

To find out more about the tour and to book a place visit the Directing Motion website.

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