Inter BEE 2013 live show replay: Illya Friedman of Hotrod cameras talks rigs, sensor sizes and an upcoming camera taking both S35 and 2/3inch lenses

By site editor Dan Chung:

Inter BEE 2013: Newsshooter with Illya Friedman of Hotrod Cameras from Teradek on Vimeo.

Illya Friedman of Hotrod cameras came onto our live show at Inter BEE 2013 to talk about his line of custom camera accessories and rigs. He brought on a lovely handheld NEX camera rig with a PL mount adapter that can also double as a director’s finder.

He also gives his views on the future of sensor sizes and the Micro 4/3 mount system. Illya is known to have good relationships with certain Japanese camera manufacturers and during the interview claimed he has information about an upcoming camera that will have compatibility with both Super35 lenses and 2/3inch ENG lenses.

You can see more of Illya’s products over on the Hotrod cameras website.


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