Rode introduce the VideoMic GO – a light, compact and battery-less mini shotgun mic

By site editor Dan Chung:

The Rode VideoMic GO
The Rode VideoMic GO

Rode today introduced the latest in their VideoMic line – the VideoMic GO is a super compact directional microphone that doesn’t require batteries and runs on plug-in power that many video cameras provide. The mic weighs a mere 73g (2.5oz) and also equipped with the excellent Rycote Lyre suspension system similar to that on the latest VideoMic. This eliminates a lot handling noise and the occasional bump by isolating the mic effectively from the camera.

The VideoMic Go has a Rycote Lyre suspension system
The VideoMic Go has a Rycote Lyre suspension system

The trade-off is that unlike the larger VideoMics in the range it does not have any filters or controls for audio levels. As such it is aimed squarely at consumers and entry level videographers wanting to improve on the built-in audio capabilities of their cameras.

For me it seems like this mic might also be good for professionals wanting a discreet solution that is still reasonable in sound and cost. It should also be more than sufficient for recording scratch audio in a dual-system sound setup.

Below are some sample videos to demonstrate the kind of audio quality you should expect from the VideoMic GO:

The VideoMic GO is shipping now and you can learn more at www.rodemic.com/videomicgo.


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