PhotoPlus Expo: Sony DSC-RX10 24-200mm fixed lens camera with 1″ sensor

By contributing editor Chuck Fadely in New York:

PhotoPlus Expo 2013: News Shooter looks at the Sony DSC-RX10 from Chuck Fadely on Vimeo.

Newsshooter.com gets a closer look at Sony’s new RX10 camera, which promises to be a videojournalist’s go-to tool. With a 1″ sensor, a 24-200mm f/2.8 (equivalent) constant-aperture lens, and an optional XLR adapter it’s half still camera and half video camera. Clickless aperture, peaking, image stabilization and wi-fi are part of the package. Sony’s product manager Drew Temple gives Chuck Fadely the run-down on the $1300 camera, which should ship in November.

(edited to change the lens focal length – it’s an 8.8-73.3mm lens, which works out to a 24-200mm equivalent.)

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