IBC 2013: G-Technology show how to get nearly 1000 MB/s drive speeds on a Macbook Pro using striped Thunderbolt drives

By technical editor Matt Allard:

IBC 2013: G-Technology show how to get almost 1000 MB/s write speeds with striped Thunderbolt drives from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Ever wanted to get super fast drive read and write speeds in the field? editing RAW or 4K material on location? Well G-technology might just have answered your prayers with this clever workaround using multiple striped Thunderbolt drives. By making use of the two Thunderbolt ports on the newer Macbook Pros you can now stripe four G-Raids to get super fast performance. With so many drives striped together there is of course a greater risk of disk failure, so this solution is really only for editing and not archiving.

If you need a faster solution in the field that doesn’t need external power and simply runs off the Macbook Pro’s battery then the video also talks about combining two G-Drive EVs connected via USB3.0 to get over 200 MB/s speeds – pretty neat.

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