Broadcast Asia 2013: Viltrox low cost EF to NEX lens adapter

By site editor Dan Chung:


Viltrox is a brand you may never have heard of – but they make probably the cheapest electronic NEX to EF adapter available. It claims to offer AF and aperture control with EF lenses but is not a ‘Speed Booster’ with optics like the more expensive Metabones which I use.

I spotted the Viltrox on the show floor at Broadcast Asia 2013 and got this interview the Singapore reseller.

Broadcast Asia 2013: Viltrox low cost EF to NEX lens adapter from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

I can’t say how good it is as we didn’t have a chance to test it fully. Construction looks OK and the detachable tripod mount is nice, but for me the biggest thing will be compatibility. The reseller had only tested with a coupe of different EF lenses – how it works with others is not clear. There is no info on whether image stabilisation works with this adapter and there seems to be no USB port for future firmware upgrades as new lenses come out. Then again – for the price it might be worth a gamble, maybe check it out if you can find one to test locally.

Shot and edited by Clinton Harn

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