NAB2013: New drive products from G-Technology

By Features Editor, Mat Gallagher

NAB 2013: New products from G-Technology from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Greg Crosby from G-Technology talks to Dan Chung about their four new products. G-Technology’s new Evolution series is a family of products that includes two standalone drives, the G Drive EV and its 250MB/s big brother, the G Drive EV plus, both featuring USB3.0 and a SATA port interface. The Evolution series also includes a dock which takes both drives and offers Thunderbolt connection. In addition to the Evolution series, the new G Drive Pro with Thunderbolt. This is a pumped up version of the G Drive, with 3x the transfer speed of the standard version (up to 480MB/s) in 2TB and 4TB capacities. SSD performance in a spinnng disk capacity.

Interview shot by Scott Karlins and Jonas Schonstein.



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