NAB 2013: Convergent Design show Odyssey 7Q – announce FS700 compatibility

By technical editor Matt Allard:

FS700 4K and 2K RAW continuous high speed & more on the Odyssey 7Q from Matthew Allard on Vimeo.

Convergent Design President Mike Schell today demonstrated a working Odyssey 7Q monitor/recorder on an Arri Alexa. He also announced their 4K (compressed) and 2K RAW recording options for the Sony FS700. In 2K RAW you will be able to record at an amazing 240fps continuously for up to 45 minutes.

This is great news for owners of the FS700 as high speed continuous recording was previously thought not possible with this camera. As we previously reported the Odyssey 7Q records raw with a wide range of cameras including the Arri Alexa and Canon Cinema EOS.

Video shot by Clinton Harn and Phil Arntz.


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